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Data Scientist/LLM полный рабочий день

7 мая 2024   IT, компьютеры, интернет   Душанбе   147 просмотров
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We are expanding our AI team, and we are looking for highly competent Data Scientist with specific set of skills to tackle our current challenges. We are combining several positions in one fully understanding how rare these combinations of skill set are present in one person. If you are that unique gem, we are looking specifically for you. This role is based in our Dushanbe office. You will be closely working and reporting directly to CEO.

We are offering an opportunity to be present at the birth of a startup with a potential to create an industry breaking innovations. We are in frontlines of AI development using latest solutions and technologies. Working with us will expose you to multiple new tools, technologies and ideas. Our small team is composed of hand-picked top notched specialist ready to share their unique expertise. Beside of all mentioned opportunities, we give a compensation in the amount of 16500 TJS (~1500 USD), and we add you to our employee stock option plan, so we can share all future success with you.

Prompt Engineering - 60%

As a Prompt Engineer, your main responsibility will involve designing and refining prompts for Large Language Models (LLMs). These prompts are essential for generating high-quality, relevant content, particularly in the field of data analytics for marketing. Your role will include tailoring prompts to match our companys unique data and content requirements, ensuring that the output is both accurate and engaging. Additionally, youll focus on continuous improvement, identifying refinements for existing prompts. Collaborating with technical teams to seamlessly integrate LLMs into our platforms will also be part of your responsibilities, enhancing user experience through innovative AI-driven content and features.

Data analytics 30%

As a Data Analyst you will need to understand the database structure and schema in vast amount of available data sources. You need a very good knowledge of SQL and pySpark. Working with Jupiter notebooks and deep knowledge of Python and pandas is of course antisipated. Using all the mentioned tools you will be writing functions to extract meaningfull information from databases and converting them into meaningfull actions.

MLops 10%

As an MLops Engineer, you will be responsible for designing and implementing machine learning operations processes to ensure the smooth deployment and maintenance of machine learning models in production environments. You will work closely with DevOps, software engineers, and IT professionals to streamline the machine learning lifecycle and maximize model performance. We expect that you know how to connect to remote server, work in Linux env, use Docker containers, down\load models, deploy models, work with SQL and NoSQL databases.

What would you actually do in this role?

  • Develop and Refine LLM Prompts: Create and fine-tune prompts for Language Models (LLMs) to generate high-quality, relevant content, with a focus on data analytics in marketing.
  • Collaborate with DevOps and Backend Teams: Work closely with DevOps and backend teams to seamlessly integrate LLM outputs into our platform.
  • Implement Best Practices in Prompt Engineering: Understand and apply best practices in prompt engineering to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of LLMs.
  • Ensure Accurate and Useful Content: Collaborate with marketing and data analytics experts to ensure that content generated by LLMs is accurate and valuable for marketing decision-making.
  • Maintain and Enhance Technical Infrastructure: Improve the technical infrastructure supporting LLMs, including basic coding and API integrations.
  • Deploy and Monitor AI Models: Develop and maintain infrastructure for deploying and monitoring AI models.
  • Automate AI Workflows: Streamline AI workflows to enhance efficiency and reliability.
  • Analyze Complex Datasets: Navigate large, intricate datasets to produce descriptive analyses, correlations, and insights.
  • Optimize AI Models: Download, deploy, and optimize effective AI models.
  • Collaborate with Stakeholders: Work closely with stakeholders to understand business goals and the role of data in achieving them.
  • Identify Data Collection Gaps: Proactively identify gaps in existing data collections and work to fill them.
  • Present Insights to Stakeholders: Present analyses and recommendations to cross-functional stakeholders for informed decision-making.
  • Enhance Data Reliability and Efficiency: Recommend ways to improve data reliability, efficiency, and quality.

What do I need to apply?

Create a chatbot that can retrieve data from Titanic data set (e.g. How old was the oldest survived person?, How many people paid less than $5 for their tickets?, Show me all available information on survived men under 35).

Bonus: Add classifier to predict passengers survival.

Email us at m.ghafforzoda@predictory.pro. Tell us briefly about some project from your past that you are very proud of. Include link to your notebook.

Описание компании
We are fast growing startup that helps corporations with extracting insight from Big Data to make data-driven decision in marketing. We have very experienced team of founders in marketing (25+ years) and data analytics and business intelligence (15+ years). We have clients in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and we are currently expanding our market in MENAP region. Incorporated in Delaware, USA, we have our MENAP regional office in Doha, Qatar and our CA regional office in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.